DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 9

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We took the night off last night, so nothing to recap. We hop right into strategy for tonight’s games. Also, a great chance to get on the plus side of the bankroll tonight. In this episode:

  • Some stellar match-ups
  • Pivoting around injured players

Bankroll: $98.90 ($1.10)

HU Record: 23-12

GPP Record: 3 of 8 cashes (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 8

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This is actually an update for the past two days.  On Friday night, we scored 280 points in the NBA but only went 2-5 in HU matches! I try not to be too results oriented, because 280 points is a great score that I would love on any night. We bounced back on Saturday night with a CLEAN SWEEP of the 7 HU matches and a cash in the GPP.  This episode:

  • Discussed Unusual Strategy for Saturday’s Game
  • Quick NFL Preview

Forgot to mention this in the video, but the lineup with 4 Value Plays and 4 Studs finished like this:

Value Plays – $13,700 salary – 97.75 points – 7.1x Value

Studs – $36,100 – 144.5 – 4x Value

So the strategy could have worked out, had we picked the right studs!

Bankroll: $98.90 (-$1.10)

HU Record: 23-12

GPP Record: 3 of 8 cashes (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 7

Two solid nights in a row for the RIU Challenge, in terms of scoring. 288 points on Wednesday, followed by 251 last night. Since it was a small slate and I wasn’t 100% available around tip-off, I only played one GPP lineup.  It did not cash, but was happy with the effort.  Back to 10 games on the schedule tonight, so lots of great opportunity.  This episode:

  • Last Night’s Recap
  • Value Plays affected by injury/trades

Bankroll: $96.20 (-$3.80)

HU Record: 14-7

GPP Record: 2 of 6 cashes (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 6

Woah! What a night! A ton of great basketball games and we put together a very solid lineup. The 288 points we scored was good enough for a clean sweep of the 7 HU Matches and a cash in the GPP.

Let’s look ahead to tonight’s slate, which is only 4 games. Check me on Twitter for tonight’s final lineup.

Bankroll: $98.20 (-$1.80)

HU Record: 14-7

GPP Cashes: 2 of 4 (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 5

We ran into the chainsaw that is Russell Westbrook last night.  The combination of him torching us and Ben McLemore disappearing after the first quarter was too much for us to overcome.

I plan to make the videos shorter and focus on one specific thing each day.  Today is the use of optimal lineups to create a baseline in roster construction.

Bankroll: $88.60 (-$11.40)

HU Record: 7-7

50/50 Record: 0-8

GPP Cashes: 1 of 3 (Biggest Win: $2.00)


DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 4

Had a little bounce-back on the second day of results.  Ended up winning 5/7 NFL HU matches and min-cashing in the $2 GPP. Profit of $4 on the night, so the bankroll is trending back towards the start.  A small slate of NBA games (6) tonight. This episode includes:

  • Recap of NFL results
  • NBA Research
    • Vegas Lines
    • Projections
    • Optimal Lineup

Bankroll: $94.00 (-$6.00)

HU Record: 5-2 (+$2.00)

50/50 Record: 0-8 (-$8.00)

GPP Record: 1-1 (+$0.00)

DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 3

We had a decent start with Week 15. It looks like we’re going to win at least 5/7 HU matches and have a shot to cash in the GPP.  We have two players left tonight in the MNF game. Episode includes:

  • NFL Recap (Week 15)
  • Guarantee yourself a win on Monday Night (HU Contest)

DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 2

A tough day out of the gate including bubbling every single entry. We were 5 points away from cashing in everything and I make a mental mistake. Learn from my mistakes! Watch Day 2 below:

-Recapping NBA action from last night

– Setting NFL lineup for Week 15

Bankroll: $90.00

Overall: (-$10.00)

DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 1

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a really long time, and I finally got enough requests to convince me to do it. This is called the “Run It Up” challenge.  I am going to take $100 on DraftKings and walk through every single thing I do to try to run the money up as high as possible.  The content will encompass everything including:

  • Bankroll Management
  • Strategy
  • Lineup Construction
  • Research

The easiest way for me to do this is via YouTube videos. I will post each video here on the site and there should be plenty of videos since I play almost every day.

If you like what you see and are new to DFS (or even if you’re not), it’d be awesome if you signed up via this link, which will get me some type of bonus.  Let’s do this!

Bankroll: $100.00


Week 14 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

week 14 fantasy football cheat sheet

We are winding down here, with only a few more chances to hit it big in the NFL. The pricing you see is based on DraftKings. I hope this Week 14 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet helps you win a ton of money this weekend! Shoot me any questions or comments on Twitter.

Steelers @ Bengals (o/u 47)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5)

Ben Roethlisberger($8200 – QB6)
He continues to throw up numbers whether it’s in a shootout or garbage time. His price has inflated just below the elite QBs in the NFL which makes me want to stay away. The Bengals defense has tightened up in the last six games averaging just 212 passing yards against and only 3 TDs through the air in that span, compared to 8 passing TDs allowed in the first 6 games of the season.

LeVeon Bell ($9400 – RB1)
Bell is about as safe as it gets, but I cannot LOVE starting Bell this week. Again, the Bengals have gotten healthy and gotten back to the defense that I expected them to be in the beginning of the season. Only 68 rushing yards surrendered on average of the last 3 games.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

Jeremy Hill ($5400 – RB18) & Giovani Bernard ($5300 – RB20)
This is a pure time split so it’s hard to believe in either of these guys. Bernard doesn’t necessarily pass the eye test for me, he doesn’t look nearly as explosive as he once has. If you are stuck having to play one of these guys, I’d prefer Hill, but with little confidence.

AJ Green ($8200 – WR5)
The Steelers continue to struggle in the secondary even with Ike Davis returning to the lineup. 8 receiving TDs against in the last 5 games to opposing WRs. The Steelers also haven’t seen an elite WR on their schedule like they run into with Green this week. Dalton has fired 24 targets to Green in the last two weeks and 42 over the last four. Dalton is better at home than on the road, so I really like Green this week. Continue reading

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