Friday, November 21st – NBA DFS Projections

NBA DFS Projections

So, every year I have been trying my hand at making NBA projections and every year they get a little better.  These projections take into account a players production on a possession basis, the matchup, and whether it’s a back-to-back amongst other factors.  Now that teams have played at least 10 games, they are starting to get really accurate so I will try to post them on a consistent basis.  Depending on the slate of games, I will probably just post the 10 or so most interesting players at each position.  They could be the highest projected scores or best values.


Player Pos Tm Salary Projected Pts/$1k
Nikola Vucevic C ORL 8600 40.50 4.709
Al Jefferson C CHO 7900 35.86 4.539
Brook Lopez C BRK 6700 34.53 5.154
Joakim Noah C CHI 7700 33.52 4.354
Al Horford C ATL 7000 32.21 4.601
J.J. Hickson C DEN 3000 32.00 10.665
Marcin Gortat C WAS 6100 31.72 5.200
Marc Gasol C MEM 8200 31.33 3.820
Jordan Hill C LAL 6400 30.68 4.793
Andre Drummond C DET 6700 29.70 4.432

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