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DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 8

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This is actually an update for the past two days.  On Friday night, we scored 280 points in the NBA but only went 2-5 in HU matches! I try not to be too results oriented, because 280 points is a great score that I would love on any night. We bounced back on Saturday night with a CLEAN SWEEP of the 7 HU matches and a cash in the GPP.  This episode:

  • Discussed Unusual Strategy for Saturday’s Game
  • Quick NFL Preview

Forgot to mention this in the video, but the lineup with 4 Value Plays and 4 Studs finished like this:

Value Plays – $13,700 salary – 97.75 points – 7.1x Value

Studs – $36,100 – 144.5 – 4x Value

So the strategy could have worked out, had we picked the right studs!

Bankroll: $98.90 (-$1.10)

HU Record: 23-12

GPP Record: 3 of 8 cashes (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 7

Two solid nights in a row for the RIU Challenge, in terms of scoring. 288 points on Wednesday, followed by 251 last night. Since it was a small slate and I wasn’t 100% available around tip-off, I only played one GPP lineup.  It did not cash, but was happy with the effort.  Back to 10 games on the schedule tonight, so lots of great opportunity.  This episode:

  • Last Night’s Recap
  • Value Plays affected by injury/trades

Bankroll: $96.20 (-$3.80)

HU Record: 14-7

GPP Record: 2 of 6 cashes (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Strategy – RIU Challenge – Day 6

Woah! What a night! A ton of great basketball games and we put together a very solid lineup. The 288 points we scored was good enough for a clean sweep of the 7 HU Matches and a cash in the GPP.

Let’s look ahead to tonight’s slate, which is only 4 games. Check me on Twitter for tonight’s final lineup.

Bankroll: $98.20 (-$1.80)

HU Record: 14-7

GPP Cashes: 2 of 4 (Biggest Win: $6.00)

DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 5

We ran into the chainsaw that is Russell Westbrook last night.  The combination of him torching us and Ben McLemore disappearing after the first quarter was too much for us to overcome.

I plan to make the videos shorter and focus on one specific thing each day.  Today is the use of optimal lineups to create a baseline in roster construction.

Bankroll: $88.60 (-$11.40)

HU Record: 7-7

50/50 Record: 0-8

GPP Cashes: 1 of 3 (Biggest Win: $2.00)


DraftKings Run It Up Challenge – Day 4

Had a little bounce-back on the second day of results.  Ended up winning 5/7 NFL HU matches and min-cashing in the $2 GPP. Profit of $4 on the night, so the bankroll is trending back towards the start.  A small slate of NBA games (6) tonight. This episode includes:

  • Recap of NFL results
  • NBA Research
    • Vegas Lines
    • Projections
    • Optimal Lineup

Bankroll: $94.00 (-$6.00)

HU Record: 5-2 (+$2.00)

50/50 Record: 0-8 (-$8.00)

GPP Record: 1-1 (+$0.00)

Friday, November 21st – NBA DFS Projections

Friday, November 21st – NBA DFS Projections

NBA DFS Projections

So, every year I have been trying my hand at making NBA projections and every year they get a little better.  These projections take into account a players production on a possession basis, the matchup, and whether it’s a back-to-back amongst other factors.  Now that teams have played at least 10 games, they are starting to get really accurate so I will try to post them on a consistent basis.  Depending on the slate of games, I will probably just post the 10 or so most interesting players at each position.  They could be the highest projected scores or best values.


Player Pos Tm Salary Projected Pts/$1k
Nikola Vucevic C ORL 8600 40.50 4.709
Al Jefferson C CHO 7900 35.86 4.539
Brook Lopez C BRK 6700 34.53 5.154
Joakim Noah C CHI 7700 33.52 4.354
Al Horford C ATL 7000 32.21 4.601
J.J. Hickson C DEN 3000 32.00 10.665
Marcin Gortat C WAS 6100 31.72 5.200
Marc Gasol C MEM 8200 31.33 3.820
Jordan Hill C LAL 6400 30.68 4.793
Andre Drummond C DET 6700 29.70 4.432

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